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Reflections on a Crystal Wind: The Poetry of Michael Graves – Paperback


Title: Reflections on a Crystal Wind: The Poetry of Michael Graves
Author: Michael Graves

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Book Description

Take a wild poetic ride through a landscape of unexpected emotions.

“Reflections on a Crystal Wind” is Michael Graves’ much anticipated foray into the realm of “off line” literature. His unusual approach to poetic subjects spans the spectrum from the cerebral to the deeply erotic and has won the hearts of thousands of online readers.

“I was transported! It’s written so beautifully; it’s like an exhilarating life-lesson that feels like a ride down a mystical river.”

—Carole Eddington/Poet, author of Midnight Snacking in True Meaning Land

“He has a way of shining new light on common subjects…”

—Marguerite Ashton, author of the Lily Blanchette Novels

“Michael Graves is one of the most truly gifted poets of our time. His insight, wisdom, reflection, optimism and positive thinking are a true pleasure to enjoy, in every stack and stanza. My kinda poet. I’d love to share a beer with him, preferably rich, dark and intense!”

—Günther Bedson, Poet, Composer, and ScotchWhisky Connoiseur

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Title: Reflections on a Crystal Wind: The Poetry of Michael Graves
Author: Michael Graves
ISBN – 978-1-936449-73-6 Trade Paperback:
ISBN -: MOBI 978-1-936449-72-9
ISBN – eBook: EPUB 978-1-936449-72-9
LOCCN – 2016937541
Pages: 132
List Price: Trade Paperback – $14.95. EBook – $7.99
Trim: 6×9
Publication date: June 15th, 2016

A West Coast Poet, Michael Graves has spent the past two decades living in a redwood forest in Northern California. His unusual approach to poetic subjects spans the spectrum from the cerebral to the deeply erotic and has won the hearts of thousands of online readers. “Reflections on a Crystal Wind” is his much anticipated foray into the realm of “offline” literature.

According to Graves, he began writing poetry in “self-defense” in high school, “… in order to survive geometry class. My instructor was a great guy who was cursed with a droning, monotone speaking voice. So I started writing poetry in self-defense, to stay awake.”

It wasn’t until he took a poetry class with James Doyle in the mid-1970’s, at the University of Northern Colorado, that he began to understand quality as it relates to poetry. “Among other things, Jim helped me to see that if I couldn’t express an idea in a way that was different than it had been said before, why bother? Around that time I began the process of growing up, as a poet. I owe him a lot in that regard.”

Graves says that he writes most of his pieces, along lines of poetic reasoning which give the reader an uplifting experience, either emotionally or intellectually. He’s had readers write and tell him that his poetry has helped them get through a difficult time. And in more than one instance, he’s been told that the message he conveyed prevented a suicide. “I feel very fortunate to be able to help people. Life is challenging. The purpose of poetry – of art – is to provide a vehicle through which a reader can recharge – revitalize and then move forward with a fresh outlook.”

“There is far too much in the way of whiny, narcissistic poetry in existence. I don’t like reading it. I am writing for the reader who is looking for more in a poetic experience than some dark, nihilistic ride into a depressing self-involved rant.”

“Tonight, the dead will remain dead.
And we, my love
aloft with life, shall reign
vibrant and shining, while
breath remains within us.
Glowing like two coals born of
incipient fire, bathed in recombinant light.
Memories of another time
sent to a place away, and told
to be still.
For tonight, the dead will remain dead.”

– (“Tonight,” Graves 6/7/14)

According to Graves, “Most people who read poetry want the truth to reach out through the words and grab them by the throat. They’re looking for a portal through which to escape the mundane. What good is poetry if it can’t provide that?”

Graves lives in the Santa Cruz Mountains with his wife Holley and their two dogs. He says that when he’s not writing, he’s probably outside working on his deck.

“I really enjoy his poems.”

By KD on July 10, 2016
I sent this book as a gift for my husband who has been away working. He loves poetry. Here is what he wrote to me this morning about “Reflections on a Crystal Wind”: “I realized that I had a package from you today and opened it and it was the Michael Graves poetry book. I read many of the poems while eating dinner and they are just what I needed to pull me out of my funk… I really enjoy his poems; they are are well crafted, aesthetic and meaningful.”

“Written from the heart.”

By Mike Chatelain on June 26, 2016
I’m not a poetry expert, but I enjoyed skipping around and picking out poems that resonated with me.

My two favorites are:

  1. “This Moment in Time” (“You determine this moment in time; no one else. Its creation is yours. You conceive it. You shape it. You give it life”….)
  1. “Beatitudes” (“Blessed are those who refuse to fail. For they shall attain impossible heights.” “Blessed are those who acknowledge and forgive the past. For they will have the clearest view of the future.” “Blessed are those willing to honestly help without hidden agenda. For they will ease the burden.” …)

You can really feel Graves’ passion in these poems. They are truly written from the heart!


“What a fresh poetic experience, delivered with masterful craft …”

By T. Johnson on June 26, 2016

What a fresh poetic experience, delivered with masterful craft. The book is teaming with lush visualizations and unique viewpoints. For me, it is sometimes charming, insightful, magical and very often personally affecting.


“Great read.”

By P. Krauskopf on June 23, 2016

I love this book. It is beautifully designed and the poems are lovely. I recommend it for anyone who appreciates beautiful poetry.

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