Lessons from Fallen Civilizations is written for the 7 out of 10 Americans who now tell pollsters they believe America is in decline and for those who want to know what we can do about it.

Lessons chronicles the fall of Greece, Carthage, Rome, Byzantium, and the Ottoman Empires. It reveals ten immutable principles that led to the collapse of these once-great cultures and dramatically demonstrates how these principles are in play now that the West faces an existential threat from resurgent militant Islam.

Although there are numerous new books warning of America’s impending fall, Lessons is unique.

Its main character, born in 5th century Greece, is Western Civilization.

Lessons dramatizes epic battles, where, if the forces of the West had lost to the Armies of Allah in 732 at Poitiers or at Vienna in 1683, there would have been no enlightenment, no rebirth of democracy, and no industrial revolution.

Lessons dramatizes many of the events which shaped the philosophy of our founders, which gave rise to America’s founding principles, and which form the cornerstones of modern conservatism.

It makes clear that there are certain constants in human history such as:
* All great civilizations fail due to flawed decision making.
* When powerful peoples become weak, there will always be predators gathering for the kill.
* Conversely, predators are easily defeated by successful civilizations

Lessons teaches that resurgent militant Islam differs little from Attila’s Huns or the Mongol hoards in the sense that it seeks to dominate the West.

Broadly Lessons reveals:

Why once great Civilizations failed and what that means to the West

The immutable principles which govern the collapse of civilizations and how they are in play now given that the West must confront both resurgent militant Islam and its own fiscal insolvency

Western Salvation and A Feminine Call to Arms

Lessons is a recognition that violent Islam cannot be put into remission by military invasions, special forces raids and high-tech drone attacks alone. It advocates for millions of Islamic women of conscience who refuse to allow their sons to be converted to suicide bombers and who refuse to allow their daughters to be attacked for the crime asserting their god-given rights. This book is a feminine call to arms. It proclaims—we in the West wish to avert a modern clash of civilizations by standing with the women of Islam, especially those who wish to leave Islam.