The Hugo House Difference

Publishing a book means that you have a produced a product that is ready to be sold.   That seems simple enough, but it belies the enormous amount of work spent writing, producing, and marketing that book to your readers.

Publishing also presents a potential minefield. Is the book edited well so that readers will enjoy it? Is the book cover communicating correctly to potential buyers so they’ll be intrigued?  Is the back cover copy compelling enough?  And don’t forget the marketing!  Is the marketing message spot on and do you know which buttons your buyers are going to respond to—and is that all wrapped up in attention-getting marketing material including your author website and press releases?

Going it alone can be rough, and Hugo House, a new breed of Indie Publisher, has honed our publishing model to give authors what they want and need to be successful!

First – Guidance

You have spent long, hard hours working on your manuscript because you want to help people, inspire them, even impact their lives with your book.

To do that requires guidance from people who care about your work, who make an effort to understand what your message is, and what you need and want in a publisher.

Authors deserve guidance—constant help and encouragement throughout the publishing process.

Hugo House prides itself on raising the standards of independent publishing.   This means that we need to listen to our authors as well as offer improvements to make the book more publishable. Good communication is a company policy, and we strive to offer overall quality support for our author’s vision.

We believe in the books we publish—that they will sell well, but more importantly, that the author’s vision is important, that it can make a difference in the world!

Second – Good Editing

Editing means that you’ve taken the time to revise—literally re-see—your manuscript through the reader’s eyes.  The “Editing and Writing” page

[LINK] details the editing services Hugo House offers, but a well-edited book is a must for all Hugo House authors.

Our editing team headed up by our Publisher, English Professor Dr. Patricia Ross, insists that books have focus and flow, that they are clean, and they are enjoyable reads.  (But no worries—no academic writing in this catalogue of books!)  Most importantly, as Dr. Ross has consistently stated since she started editing in 2004, “Your vision and your voice are sacred.”    We cherish the exchange of good ideas.  We publish only those books that we can get behind—100%.

Third – Effective Marketing

Being an author means that you’ve need to spend about 10% of your time writing and 90% of it marketing.

Think about that for a minute. If you’re reading this website it means that you’re working on a book or you have completed a manuscript. You didn’t do all that work writing a book (and believe us, we know how much time, effort, and energy goes into that!) to not have the reading public know about it. The only way you can do that is by marketing—by getting the word out through as many promotional channels as possible—and then asking people to buy your book!

Hugo House has done its homework. We have searched for and actively learned the most effective marketing tools and strategies for books—and we want all our authors to partake of them. From our bi-weekly “Author Hat” calls, to constantly monitoring and tweaking all our authors marketing programs, we want our authors to be successful by selling books—lots and lots of them! (In fact, the only way our CEO makes money is through author royalties!)

What Hugo House Indie Publishing Means to you: When we got into the business of publishing back in 2008, we recognized that we were on the cusp of an enormous change in the publishing world.  At that point, “self publishing” meant vanity and traditional publishers still offered the best deal for authors.  Much has changed since then.  Indie publishing has come into its own.

Hugo House Indie Publishing means we’ve taken the best part of the POD model—speed, agility, and a longer shelf-life in the marketplace—and meshed it with the care and quality of the traditional publishing world.  We added proven marketing programs and main-stream distribution through trusted  book wholesalers to  give our authors the best exposure to book buyers worldwide.

Our purpose: to produce quality books booksellers want to sell and people are willing and able to buy.

Find out if you and your book can be part of a family of authors committed to taking all the steps necessary to produce an amazing book with an effective marketing message so that readers can be inspired!