Getting Published

Everyone should have the opportunity to submit a manuscript for publication. We accept query letters, book proposals, and full-length manuscripts for consideration.*

Many publishing houses deal almost exclusively with agents, and many simply will not look at a proposal that is not submitted by an agent. Did you know that Tom Clancy and John Grisham both sold their first books without agents? At Hugo House we want you to be get published and keep most of the money. We offer our authors an industry high 50% to 75% royalty on the “net” of book sales. The more you sell, the higher the royalty you make.

The Hugo House acquisition’s team evaluates your proposal based on the  following criteria:

  • Compelling idea or story that holds our attention
  • Author’s passion for book
  • Potential audience for the book.

We accept books in all genres. We review each proposal and each manuscript we receive in detail. If we do not accept your proposal, we will offer you an honest evaluation as to why.

Disclaimer: There are certain restrictions we have in terms of the subject matter that we publish. We will not publish any book that forwards drug use, contains gratuitous sex or violence, or violates Human Rights set forth in the Declaration of Human Rights including psychiatric abuses.

Our mission is to publish books that uplift our culture and promote sanity on our planet.  We believe that if your work follows this mission and you have an important message that you want to share with readers, you deserve care and consideration for your work.


Online Submission

The best way to get started is to simply click the link directly below, fill out the Online New Author Query/Submission Form and click submit!  We will review your submission and promptly get back to you.