The Personalized Children’s Book Project for Both Parents and Authors

Helping you Bring Out What is Already in the “Marble”
Dedicated to strengthening you as a parent and your child through Your Child’s Personalized Storybooks.

Bring Out the Best Publications

Hugo House Publishers is proud to announce its newest imprint: Bring Out the Best Publications, a whole new take on personalized children story books.

We’re taking personalized story books to the next level!

First a definition: personalized story books take a book, change the name of the character to match your child’s, and put pictures of your child or children into the book. Kids love it because they’re in the story. Parents love it because it helps kids get interested in reading by feeling a greater connection to the story.

Bring Out the Best Publications does all that and more.

Our mission is to produce, promote and distribute children’s books that help parents bring out the best in their children through personalized stories, parent tips, and instructional materials.

“Bring Out the Best” comes from Michelangelo (not Best Foods® mayonnaise!). The great artist once said, “The best artist has that thought alone , which is contained within the marble shell; The sculptor’s hand can only break the spell to free the figures slumbering in the stone.” In other words, to bring out what is already in “the marble”—in your child.

It is a shift in viewpoint. Instead of thinking of your child as a piece of clay to shape and mold in the image the parent wants, Bring out the Best books will, through stories, allow you to help your child to be who they are.

Within that framework, Bring out the Best books will also help show parents constructive ways to help their children observe for themselves the truth of the values and principles that have importance to the parents, i.e., values and principles parents want their children to adopt as their own.

We are asking two things from those of you who are visiting this page:

  1. Give us feedback about this site—are you interested in finding out more about Bring out the Best Publications and coming aboard to get these personalized story books, and other resources to help you as a parent?
  2. If you are an author of children’s books, we would be interested in what you have created that aligns with the themes mentioned below. We will accept book ideas as well as already-published works.
Bring Out The Best Publications | Children

We want books that align to the following themes:

  • Creating and Having Positive Personal relationships
  • Virtues – The quality of good human conduct
  • Being Competent
  • Overcoming Challenges
  • Creativity and use of Imagination
  • Being Responsible
  • Belief in Self and One’s dreams
  • Maintain a Spirit of Play (i.e., a light joyfulness, not a heavy seriousness)

Submit Your Book Proposal

To submit your book to Bring Out the Best Publications personalized/customized storybook project, please do the following:

We prefer copyrighted electronic copies (eBook or pdf files) of your book or book proposal.
(If you are sending a manuscript, please include the following text at the beginning of your manuscript: ©2015, Your Name. All Rights Reserved. This will copyright protect your manuscript.)

Please email files to and

You may also send a hard copy of the book to:
Dr. Patricia Ross
Hugo House Publishers
3361 W. Monmouth Avenue
Englewood, CO 80110.

For more information about Hugo House and Bring out the Best Publications, please visit

You can also submit your proposal electronically using the link below.

Together we can “bring out the best” in every child. Imagine what the world would be like if every child was being who they really are and living to his or her full potential. That’s the world we want to help create with the Bring Out the Best Story Book Project!

You can also call Bernard Percy at (323) 804-5113 or Dr. Patricia Ross at (303) 762-1469 for more information.

Purpose of Bring Out the Best Publications

It is our belief that parents are ARTISTS in growing their child. As artists, they bring out the best in their children by understanding key concepts and “tools” of good parenting and then innovatively using that knowledge and skill set.

Bring Out The Best Publications | Family Books

NOTE: The truth of this concept is known to every parent who has more than one child—a child with the same mother and father and raised in the same home environment, yet are so often different in many ways. There is something different about the “marble” of each child.

The books and suggested parental activities and approaches are directed to help children observe the truth for themselves, at the appropriate age and maturity level—they will not be preachy, but fun and interesting and draw the children into the story. To help achieve this personal involvement each book will include photos of the child, and the child’s name in appropriate places, they will be central to the story. The books will range from newly published books, to already published books adapted to meet the personalized approach of the program.

The children’s personalized books will help parents present those values and principles that are fundamental to their core beliefs and behaviors they want their children to adopt. The books will be very aesthetic and intended to entertain, enlighten and inspire. The books will be accompanied by suggested activities and approaches for parents that will help children begin to adopt for themselves the values and principles presented.

Additionally, the one-on-one parent and child experience where the parent reads to or with the child has the very obvious benefits that comes with child and parent in close and warm communication with each other. And there is a magic that happens as the child begins to visualize themselves as a main character in the book.

The themes that will be presented in the books can be seen in the list above. If a parent, for example, wants a child to learn to be more considerate of others, there will be books appropriate to the age and maturity level of a child on that theme.

Additionally, each book will have an additional insert for parents, with suggested approaches and activities to introduce and follow up with after reading the book.

We look forward to creating the most amazing Bring out the Best books to help your children grow up to be beautiful, amazing, helpful people.

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