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Directions: Please fill out this questionnaire as completely as you can. This information is helpful to the Editorial staff in making its acceptance decisions. Note: not having a sales platform will not disqualify you from being accepted as a Hugo House author.


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    Tell us about the purpose of the book for you (this is what you would like to accomplish with this book. It answers the question: why did you write this book.) Also, tell us about the niche it fills.

    Tell us about the purpose of the book for your readers (this is what you would like a reader to respond to in the book. This includes the key editorial points that make it unique.)

    Describe the ideal audience for your book:

    Give a 500-750 word summary of your book. This includes its main idea, key points you make in the book, and the ending (if the book is fiction). This is for Hugo House only and will not be used in any marketing materials.

    What are the primary competitive books on the market? Please provide editorial similarities and differences, the competitive books price points, and any special elements. Note any bestsellers and be sure all books listed are still in print.

    Tell us about any special requests. These include any special requests about the book in terms of editing, design, and marketing/PR.

    Marketing: Describe your marketing plan to sell your books (internet, direct, advertisement, reviews, etc). How many a year do you forecast selling? Have you done any marketing for your book, even if it is not yet produced?