Loving Dangerously: Journey to Nepal. True Story of Adventure and Risk – Paperback


Title: Loving Dangerously: Journey to Nepal. True Story of Adventure and Risk
Author: Lynda Cain Hubbard

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Book Description

How do you discover yourself after heartbreak? Travel with a young artist on her true adventures in the 70s-a time of free love, drugs, the peace movement, and an explosive art scene as she searches for meaning in her own life. After heartbreak at home, she wins a scholarship to England and journeys across Europe to Nepal, with her sense of humor and sketchbook at her side. At first she follows her English boyfriend, then treks alone through the Himalaya foothills. She meets a Patron of the Arts, the head Lama, a Gurkha warrior, and faces risky situations in search of what she ultimately learns means most to her. Journey with her as she discovers real life is rich with characters doing extraordinary things every day.

“Lynda Cain Hubbard tells a fascinating true story of self-discovery and maturation on her travels through Nepal. Accompanied by an ever-present sketchpad and enthusiasm born of youth, the reader fears for her safety as she encounters frightening people and situations, and smiles as she grows in understanding. It is an exciting read!” Lee A. Jackman, author Becoming Lee-a memoir, 2014

Loving Dangerously: Journey to Nepal.A Story of Adventure and Risk, is Lynda Cain Hubbard’s memoir of her journey-turned-spiritual awakening. If you are searching for something, for answers, for peace, for a way to move on with life while never leaving behind lessons hard learned, then Loving Dangerously can become a guide book on how to do it with grace, a love for humanity, and a grand sense of adventure that will never leave you.-an inspiring story for readers of all ages.

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Title: Loving Dangerously: Journey to Nepal. True Story of Adventure and Risk
Author: Lynda Cain Hubbard
ISBN – Trade Paperback: 978-1-936449-61-1
ISBN – eBook:
LOCCN: 2014945318
BISAC: Biography & Autobiography : Personal Memoirs, Biography & Autobiography : Women, Biography & Autobiography : Artists, Architects, Photographers.
Pages: 182
Price: Trade Paperback – $14.95
Trim: 6×9
Publication date: October 10th, 2014




About the Author

Born and raised in Minnesota and Wisconsin, artist, writer, and PR expert, Lynda Cain Hubbard, was spurred early in life by an urgent need to express her artistic talent and the love of the outdoors. She attended the Minneapolis College of Art, with a semester at the University of Minnesota. While at college, she taught art classes at a women’s correctional institute. Her art has been displayed in galleries in California and Nevada and her paintings are on the wall in more than five states and Canada.

At twenty, she found herself heartbroken and bereft of a baby she gave up for adoption. She decided she needed to see the world, traveling from England, through Europe, Greece, and India, and finally climbing the Himalayas of Nepal. This gave her the chance to study different cultures, to paint and draw as well as to interact with the people – a story that she has finally put into print in Journey to Nepal.

To prepare for her trip, and while still in college, she did architectural drawings for a large Toronto firm. Upon returning from Nepal, she trained at a film studio, both on the set and in the marketing department. She moved on to advertising, PR (public relations) and trained in Internet marketing. She has been running her own marketing company, Trendsetters, since 1991, and her team conducts market research surveys in person as well as online. She has been writing copy and publishing article for over twenty years, and keeps busy joint-venturing with consulting firms throughout the United States.

Helping literally hundreds of company owners, from small to larger companies and start-ups in their marketing and publicity, she decided to put all her experience down in a basic e-book and workbook on marketing for her clients. Know Before You Go: Marketing Basics for Any Business, which outlines what marketing really entails in a simple, no-nonsense approach. The companion workbook gives small and medium businesses excellent exercises and action they can do to successfully marketing themselves in a competitive environment. She has appeared on college radio stations and has had articles on marketing and PR published online and in local newspapers in the Los Angeles area.

Her most cherished creation is a non-profit foundation for children’s charities at: www.Hubleefoundation.org. The charity encourages new alternative energy sources as well as educational programs for children.

Ms. Hubbard currently lives in Southern California with her family, including a recently arrived granddaughter. You can visit her website at: www.trendcreators.com. She welcomes constructive comments.

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